Class Exercise D: Photos Composition

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1) Low Angle: The low angle shows how powerful and threatening my carebear can be. LOL.

2) Long Shot:  This long shot shows my carebear’s interaction with its surroundings, it’s sleeping on my bed!

3) Extreme close up: This extreme close up draws attention to the expressions of the bear. 

4) Close up: A close up of the bear establish a r/s with the viewer.

5) High Angle: A high angle shows how small and insigificant the bear really is. hahaha. 


Class Exercise C: Indexic or Iconic

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Intially i wasnt quite sure of the difference betw iconic and indexic representation.I know iconic looks like actual thing, but wasnt sure of indexic.

But i guess i get it now. Indexic represents the object by suggesting a link to it and can either use part of the object (leaves represent tree) or an idea that links close to it ( smoke represents fire). I’ve drawn out the an iconic representation of a piano and some piano keys as indexic representation of the piano.

Iconic- look like the actual object

Indexic- suggest the actual object

Assignment 2: Less is More

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Ideas Generation

– Zoo- Do not feed animal sign, Do not provoke animal sign, do not sit on the railing sign

– Marina Barrage- road sign to direct drivers. ( i love the architecture of the building! went there for new year count down!)

– Orchard Road- Beware of BIRD SHIT!

I think the zoo idea is quite feasible, i’m quite excited to draw graphics of a man provoking an animal. BUT! i realised something! The sg zoo is different from other zoo. It has an open concept that most animals are not kept in cages and are kept far away. i like the bird shit idea.  cos i’m really quite scared of bird shit when i go orchard in the evening. I GOT SHITTED ON BY  THE BIRDS BEFORE







 Here’s my sketch!


Final prototype & Process of Abstraction



My Pictogram is a Beware of Bird Shit sign and it is to be placed in Orchard Road, the area from Takashimaya to Somerset. haha. If you’ve been to that area in the evening time, you’ll know that there are tons of birds flying home and they LOVE to shit on people.


Feedback & My Reflection

The warning sign should be yellow instead of red. This is due to the different intensity of warning brought about by the colours.

I didn’t realised that when designing. Intially i thought like since both colours are used for warning signs, i might as well use red cos i like the colour. To think of it now, i should be more careful about the diff connotations of colours.

The birds should be more cartoon-like as the figure is. Can go find other ways of drawing a bird.

I also feel that there’s smth wrong with the wings of the birds. I’ve learnt from tutorial that i shouldnt follow everything in the original pic and i shld be more flexible, i can actually change the properties more to enhance the effect of my designs.

The hand looks like its waving.

Agree.. i’ll be shifting the hand a little to make it touch the head so that it shows that he’s trying to shield himself from the shit.

The proportion of the final prototype is nice on one hand as the person is not in the middle. on the other hand, the left side is quite empty.

I kinda realised this too. i put it on the left cos i want to show the movement of the bird towards the guy and also to avoid having everything in the middle. I tried to enlarge the bird to occupy more space on the left, but the wings will be cut off by the warning sign. think i’ll have to play with it more and see how i can change it.

Assignment 1- Me, Myself and I

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Roughs- Leo

Feedback from tutorial

– the G looks more like S

– it’s hard to read my name

-the image of the lion is too cute, doesn’t fit in with the image of Leo

– the lion looks like the one used in the Courtesy Campaign

– the used of cursive lines seems to imply that i have a flexible personality, which is not what I want to imply

– most people actually prefer my rose design. Their ideas was that i should work on that instead.

Final Prototype








I’ve chosen the rose design as my final design. As in the sketch earlier on i didn’t express how rose represents me, i decided to do some changes to the earlier design.

Instead of  having a normal red rose, i did a black rose. i’ve always like black roses due to their associations with the gothic culture. Black rose symbolises rebirth and death and thus i aim to use this design to express a darker side of me. I like poetry and i wrote dark poetry for many years from like secondary school to jc days. Also, i like gothic rock, love the music from bands like Evanescence and Lacuna Coil.

The leaves were changed to stems with only thorns to express a harsher feeling. Also, there were drips on blood dripping from the roses to create a darker feeling.

Feedback from tutorial

‘ The concept expresses you well, but some parts of the design has to be improved.’

Intially i was quite worried if the concept will get across, i’m glad that the concept is ok.  I’ve researched on different ways of conveying the ‘dark’ theme with roses and decided on adding the blood drops to make it more morbid. Actually, i was also quite scared that my tutorial mates will freak out cos it’s too morbid. From my experience in the past, i know that most people don’t feel comfortable with things that have a rather dark theme, but then i went ahead with this concept.

The thorns looks weird and i should make it sharper

I totally agree with this. i think i’ve traced the thorns from a different type of flower =/ also, it’s quite hard to make the thorns look nice. =/

the background and foreground doesnt match well. the background is too dark and i should use light tones of colours such as light blue. It was also suggested that instead of using a linear gradient, i should can use a circle gradient.

Class Exercise B- Constructive Criticism Model

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Description (What?)

 Firstly, there’s a blue figure with human features, which is the main character in the movie Avatar. Also, the character is placed in a forest setting with some flying creatures. There is also a Avatar logo, along with the name of the director and the words “only in cinema” which states that the image is adapted from a movie. Also, there is a mcdonald’s logo at the top right hand side. Lastly, there is some copyright text coloured in white at the bottom of the image.

Analysis (How?)

The blue figure from Avatar is placed in a forest setting, as similar to the fact that most part of the storyline in Avatar takes place in a forest. The word “Avatar”, the name of the director and  the words ” only in cinema” provide clear association the movie Avatar and thus allowing people to know that this image is taken from a movie. The Mcdonald’s logo associate Mcdonald’s with Avatar and so,it shows that Mcdonald’s may be a sponsor of the movie.


I have different interpretations for this piece. Firstly, i think that it wants to convey that the movie is out in cinema already and thus to promote the movie. Or, it can be to show that this movie is sponsored by Mcdonald’s. I also wonder if Mcdonald’s is launching a Avatar toy set for the Kids’ Meals, thus having this poster to promote the toy set.


I’ll feel that there’s limited success in this piece of work.

One of the failures is the low resolution of the image that makes the skin tone of the character looks uneven, especially on the face. It looks very different from the actual character as the facial features are slightly blurred especially at the area near the eyes and nose.  Also, i feel that the Mcdonald logo shows no link to the image, it looks out of place with the whole setting and the blue figure. I’m not sure if Mcdonald simply wants to show that they are one of the sponsors for Avatar or to promote the movie or to promote the launch of Avatar toys for the Kids’ Meals in Mcdonald’s branches.

Below is a promotional picture that clearly shows the face of the blue figure and also, a poster for Avatar that is much better.

Class Exercise A- Creative Device ( The Ultimate Shopping Guide)

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Design a creative device that enhances your creativity by 100 times.

This device will be used to help people to choose their clothes when shopping. Many people are either too lazy to try on clothes or do not dare to try on different combinations of colours or style. As such, this can enhance their creativity in their sense of dressing!

Users will upload their face image onto the device. When shopping, they can ‘scan’ the pictures of clothes and superimposed the clothes onto the image of their face.