Class Assignment 5: How Things Work (Prototype)

I was quite lost when i first know about this assignment. As such, i read some articles about infographics and looked thru some examples. Also, I tried to read some information about climate change. Researched on the causes and consequences of climate change.



Final Prototype

In this design, i attempted to make use of the decreasing number of polar bears, as well as the decreasing sizes to show rhythm in the representation of how polar bears are racing against extinction. Also, the last polar bear is in read dotted lines to show the contrast with the rest of its kind.


I should integrate the information more into the diagram instead of using an arrow to show the chronological order. I can better integrate the “End” Sign into the diagram by using the word “Extinction” instead.

I feel that my design isn’t very integrated with the information too. Been trying to integrate in but i think i need to play around with the elements more.. Will play around with it and edit this to a satisifactory level..

The text on the right is kinda out of place.

Agree.. still trying to find out how to fit it in.. i think i should change the positioning so that it’ll fit in better..

The background is quite plain, can add in more things such as glaciers and some colours.

I actually added outlines of the glaciers behind the text, i guess it’s not enough.. I’ve used mostly different tones of blue here, i’ll be trying out more colours..


~ by gaia89 on March 21, 2010.

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