Assignment 4: Color coalition ( Color Scheme, Prototype)

I wanted to use the 3 different figures to represent the different types of talents that *scape is open to. Also, i’ve used a rough texture to overlay the background as to show more energy in the design too.

I’ve chosen this color scheme out of the rest as i feel that these colours represent youth to a greater extent than the other color combinations. Pink and yellow are bright colours that are often used in designs meant for youth as it may appear more lively. Also, the combination of pink and blue are Speaking Colours that also gives off a lively expression.


Can make the middle star smaller, as well as making the rest of the stars decrease in size as they move to the edges of ther paper.

I’ll be changing the sizes to create more movement and rhythm in the design.

The figure on the left side doesnt fit in as it’s more cartoonized whereas the rest look realistic

lol. i totally overlooked that! Guess i’ll have to pay more attention to small details from now on, i always seem to get caught up with some parts of a design and neglected other areas.

The paper fold can be better done as it doesnt really look like it’s folded. The gradient can be better done at that part too.

I’m thinking of using a linear gradient rather than the current one, as well as adding in shadow for the paper fold. I guess i didnt really follow the examples found for my research, as i was more focused on choosing the colours for the overall.


~ by gaia89 on March 21, 2010.

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