Assignment 3- U C What I C


Exploration of Angles/Sizes



Final Prototype

For this assignment, I have decided to work on a ghost story.

The title is : When it’s 3am. I chose ‘3am’ because that timing is the most eerie time of the night and it’s rumored that ghost are more likely to come out at that timing instead of 12midnight. Also, i remember that few months ago, there was a news whereby a newly-wed man jumped down from the hotel at 3plus in the morning and police couldn’t seemed to find put what exactly happened.

Worked with black and white pictures as i wanna to better bring out the feeling of a ghost story. Tried to use different types of shots too.


The clock looks like it’s computer graphic.

Actually it’s a real clock, guess i’ll change to one that looks more real so it’ll fit in better with the rest of the frames.

For the sixth frame, i can have a over-the-shoulder shot to make it seem more like he’s looking out of his room. Right now it may seem like the door in the sixth frame is the one that he just opened.

I’ll add that in.. received some similar comments before the tutorial about this too.

In the eighth frame, he doesn’t look really shock.

I kinda agree with it. Wanted to use some other pictures that captured the shocked expression better, but he doesnt agree cos he doesnt like how he looked in the pics >.< I’ll change the picture, or use the existing one, but add in exclamation marks.

Another suggestion is to let the ghost appear earlier, but make it seem as if he can’t see it.

I’ve been thinking that the pace of the story seems kinda slow cos the ghost appears only in the last frame. Wanted to create a mysterious feel, but now i think i need to add in it in order to make the pace faster.


~ by gaia89 on March 21, 2010.

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