Storybook: The Girl Without Hair

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Overview of Story

Ariel grew up in a small town called Townsville. Since she was born, Ariel did not have hair on her head. When she was very young, she was bullied by her schoolmates due to this. However, her life took a turn for the better since she started wearing wig. However, she was soon discovered in a party that she had been wearing a wig. Her best friend, Stephanie, consoled her and told her that she should accept herself and love herself for who she is.






Colour Schemes



Class Assignment 5: How Things Work (Prototype)

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I was quite lost when i first know about this assignment. As such, i read some articles about infographics and looked thru some examples. Also, I tried to read some information about climate change. Researched on the causes and consequences of climate change.



Final Prototype

In this design, i attempted to make use of the decreasing number of polar bears, as well as the decreasing sizes to show rhythm in the representation of how polar bears are racing against extinction. Also, the last polar bear is in read dotted lines to show the contrast with the rest of its kind.


I should integrate the information more into the diagram instead of using an arrow to show the chronological order. I can better integrate the “End” Sign into the diagram by using the word “Extinction” instead.

I feel that my design isn’t very integrated with the information too. Been trying to integrate in but i think i need to play around with the elements more.. Will play around with it and edit this to a satisifactory level..

The text on the right is kinda out of place.

Agree.. still trying to find out how to fit it in.. i think i should change the positioning so that it’ll fit in better..

The background is quite plain, can add in more things such as glaciers and some colours.

I actually added outlines of the glaciers behind the text, i guess it’s not enough.. I’ve used mostly different tones of blue here, i’ll be trying out more colours..

Assignment 5: How Things Work (Article)

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 My article: Global warming reduces polar bear survival rate  November 16, 2006

Polar bear survival rates have dropped significantly in the past 20 years, probably due to melting sea ice caused by higher temperatures, according to a study released this week.

The study, published by scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey and the Canadian Wildlife Service, found a 22 percent decline in the size of the western Hudson Bay polar bear population, from 1,194 in 1987 to 935 in 2004. The research also found that only 43 percent of polar bear cubs in the surveyed area survived their first year, compared to a 65 percent survival rate in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The findings provide further evidence that polar bear may face a bleak outlook due to climate change.

Drowned polar bears are being found for the first time by researchers in Alaska, who speculate that greater distances between ice sheets could be taking a toll on the bears. While bears are capable of swimming long distances—up to 60 miles (100 km) without stopping—it is conceivable that they could suffer from exhaustion during an unexpectedly arduous swim.

The loss of ice also makes it more difficult for bears to find food. Unlike grizzly bears, polar bears aren’t adapted to hunting land animals like caribou, instead feeding primarily on seals. However, recent aerial surveys by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service show that, over the past five years, polar bears are changing their habits and spending more time on land, congregating on beaches and scavenging whale carcasses.

“Polar bears live much of their lives on the sea ice, which is fundamental for their survival, at least in terms of their traditional lifestyles. For instance, it’s the sea ice surface that provides them a platform from which to hunt seals and other marine mammals for food,” said Claire Parkinson, a senior scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, in a September news release. A shorter spring hunting season caused by progressively earlier breakup of sea ice, reduces the chances of reproductive success for female polar bears.

In September, Ian Stirling, a research scientist with the Canadian Wildlife Service, noted that the average weight of adult female polar bears in western Hudson Bay have fallen from 650 pounds in 1980 to just 507 pounds in 2004, a 22 percent reduction.

Extrapolating from these developments, some scientists believe that polar bears could be extinct in the wild within the next century. While the last survey in 1997 suggested that polar bears in Alaska were not endangered, next year’s update might come to a different conclusion. Scientists estimate there are currently 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears world-wide.

Last February the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) said it would consider a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Greenpeace to seek endangered species status for the polar beach. A decision on the listing is due by December 27.

Class Exercise E: Talking Forms

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To present the meaning of the word ‘Calm’, I’ve used smooth lines to show a soothing effect. On the other hand, I’ve used harsh lines and scattered points to show ‘Agitation’.

Assignment 4: Color coalition ( Color Scheme, Prototype)

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I wanted to use the 3 different figures to represent the different types of talents that *scape is open to. Also, i’ve used a rough texture to overlay the background as to show more energy in the design too.

I’ve chosen this color scheme out of the rest as i feel that these colours represent youth to a greater extent than the other color combinations. Pink and yellow are bright colours that are often used in designs meant for youth as it may appear more lively. Also, the combination of pink and blue are Speaking Colours that also gives off a lively expression.


Can make the middle star smaller, as well as making the rest of the stars decrease in size as they move to the edges of ther paper.

I’ll be changing the sizes to create more movement and rhythm in the design.

The figure on the left side doesnt fit in as it’s more cartoonized whereas the rest look realistic

lol. i totally overlooked that! Guess i’ll have to pay more attention to small details from now on, i always seem to get caught up with some parts of a design and neglected other areas.

The paper fold can be better done as it doesnt really look like it’s folded. The gradient can be better done at that part too.

I’m thinking of using a linear gradient rather than the current one, as well as adding in shadow for the paper fold. I guess i didnt really follow the examples found for my research, as i was more focused on choosing the colours for the overall.

Assignment 4: Color Coalition (Brainstorming)

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In January 2006, *SCAPE Co. Ltd, a non-profit organization, was established to make the *SCAPE dream a reality for young people. *SCAPE currently incubates at the *SCAPE Youth Centre, *SCAPE Youth Park and *SCAPE Skate Park, where more than 160,000 youth have already been engaged through music, art, dance, theatre, extreme sports, multi-media and social entrepreneurship.The name “*SCAPE” not only represents a physical platform where young talents can hone and showcase their skills but also a mind space which is constantly bubbling with new creations, ideations and possibilities. The asterisk represents a wildcard of infinite prospects for creative expression at this exciting new urban community building.

Idea Generation

I’ve done some research on designs used to attract youths.. One of the more commonly used design is the use of raindow colours as the back ground, as well as the use of warm color such as pink and orange. Also, i can see movement incorporated in the designs thru the figures used inside.

At the same time, I have an idea of making the postcard look as if it is peeled off halfway to show the name *scape. Searched for some examples of how to create that kinda effect.

Assignment 3- U C What I C

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Exploration of Angles/Sizes



Final Prototype

For this assignment, I have decided to work on a ghost story.

The title is : When it’s 3am. I chose ‘3am’ because that timing is the most eerie time of the night and it’s rumored that ghost are more likely to come out at that timing instead of 12midnight. Also, i remember that few months ago, there was a news whereby a newly-wed man jumped down from the hotel at 3plus in the morning and police couldn’t seemed to find put what exactly happened.

Worked with black and white pictures as i wanna to better bring out the feeling of a ghost story. Tried to use different types of shots too.


The clock looks like it’s computer graphic.

Actually it’s a real clock, guess i’ll change to one that looks more real so it’ll fit in better with the rest of the frames.

For the sixth frame, i can have a over-the-shoulder shot to make it seem more like he’s looking out of his room. Right now it may seem like the door in the sixth frame is the one that he just opened.

I’ll add that in.. received some similar comments before the tutorial about this too.

In the eighth frame, he doesn’t look really shock.

I kinda agree with it. Wanted to use some other pictures that captured the shocked expression better, but he doesnt agree cos he doesnt like how he looked in the pics >.< I’ll change the picture, or use the existing one, but add in exclamation marks.

Another suggestion is to let the ghost appear earlier, but make it seem as if he can’t see it.

I’ve been thinking that the pace of the story seems kinda slow cos the ghost appears only in the last frame. Wanted to create a mysterious feel, but now i think i need to add in it in order to make the pace faster.